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  Mario Balotelli EPIC Soccer Showboating FAIL  FOOL!  Girl Freaks the hell out  The best of President Bush  Jamaican Man slaps the sh*t out of another dude  Nut crushing jump fail  Woman Receives An Electrical Discharge And Survives  Spinning Fool  Fail Compilation April 2012  Maybe the coolest magic trick so far on Fool Us!  The fool on life!  Idiot's idea of DNA  Drunk Boss epic fail  Insane Freeway Stunt  Evanescence - Everybody s fool  Oh No !  Drunk rednecks should never play with fire  How to Rap, according to Mr. T  The Love Fool  You a Busta, fool!  More Fail  Mr. T Says Treat Your Mother Right!  Funny Emergencys  When u gotta go...  Kid Makes A Fool of Himself on TV  Thrills and Spills-1  Dancing fool  Macross Fool  Bike riding down the stairs for amusement can be painful  Balotelli failed trick shot - Mancini takes him out  What Comes Out of This White Woman's Mouth Will Shock You  Creepy Glen Beck Moment  Teller Gets Taken  Fool Skool Xtreme  Cat keeps forgetting can has no lid  Darth Vader nerd Plays Trombone and Salsa Dances  How niggas be when that one song c'mon n nobody around  Most Honest Man In The World  Fudge Doughnut  girl prank calls cops 1650 times!  Kung Fool  Kung Fool!  Drunk Aboriginal Man  Tiger attacks  Idiot Benjy Bronk interrupts and cusses on live CNN report.  MR. T funny Commercial  Mr. T Saves Private Ryan  Drunk Guy gets F*cked Up by 3 Bouncers (KO)  The Alarm  Stupid Kid Tries Bike Jump!  Snicker and Mr.T  just 1 of my favs  Freakish steriod looking dude arms big as hell  NO FOOL  Public Fool  Bush Really Is An Idiot!  Falling women  Chick makes fool out of herself at Redskins football game  Dancing fool  Drunken Fool  How To Tear The Club Down  Dank cough medicine  Drunk Waffels  Math teacher April Fools prank  Drunk fool turned into a puppet  Funny Paper Towel Commercial  N0_U Is The Super Sharp Shooter  Smartest Man In The 'Hood  kitten smokes  This guy uses his lizards as puppets in a short video about gangbangers (51 views)  Bitch slap Sargent.  The Cell Phone Trick Reveled  Guy gets knocked out in the street  George Bush  Big Guy Gets Owned By His Friends  idiot on rollerblades off the roof  The Card Ninja  Yo Little Brother!  Bouncer KO's Patron  Never Watch A Soccer Match In Class  Paul Rudd Trolling on Conan  Dance like nobody is watching!  25 Most Painful MXC Eliminations  Bouncer Convinces Very Drunk Man That His Walkie Talkie is a Breathalyzer  Guy Gets Pranked While Playing A Game  April Fool In Korea  just plain weird  Gayest Moment Remix  Best April Fool Websites  White Guy Thinks He Is Black  Mr T's Grab a Snicker's Commercial  Handicapped Parking  Penn and Teller Fool Us Paul Gertner  2 cops get owned by student in dorm!  How To Fail A Breathalyzer Test  Water Bottle Prank  Flying Cow Headbutt  this fool got punched mid air  PURE GOLD BEST ONE pt 3  Dad Steals Daughter's Snack  Doctor dancing in hospital like fool  Spider Scare  Mean Dad Steals Daughter's Snack  Little Kid vs Magician  Funny Bus Crash  Just Say No to Police Searches Part 2  Public Enemy- Public Enemy # 1  Old commercial but funny  Can You Figure Out This Illusion That Fooled Penn And Teller?  Streaker Clotheslined  Russian Bum Dancing  look at his arm wat a fool  Magician Gets Owned By Clever Little Girl  The Worst Dancer on the Net  Frozen Creek Crossing Fail  Just a Dumb Guy  How to smoke a cigarette.  Stagedives hurt, but apparently not enough for this tool  Old man barking mad  Police pepperspray woman holding flower at RNC  Typhoon Fighter Jet Nearly Crash Lands  April Fool's Day Revenge  Apollo's Pad: April Fool  2013 April Fool Fail!!  You Molested Me Fool  Fools Gold - Download This and Much More  MTV Crib's Uncensored  PUT THE GUN DOWN YOU IDIOT  Easter Fool's Day  We got a wild cat on our hands  Brandan Wright Owns a Fool With a Lefty Dunk  Ferrari Limo  Irish News Reporter Interrupted By Drunk  Get Your Water Game UP with Acqua Panna  Muppet driver spins out corvette on freeway  Roadhog, you fucking fool  Fool In The Rain  Respect Yo Moma Fool  Melia Varadero Dancing Fool  Bongo Loving Fool - @OpieRadio  me acting a fool  Shaqtin' A Fool  Jibber Jabber Fool!  Kung fu Fool  Cah Act A Fool  Fool Proof Contraception  Googles April fool prank  You Lyin' Fool!  Ludacris - Act A Fool  Flashbacks of a Fool  Failed Flip Fool  5 Times a fool  Roof skating fool  Me acting the fool  Best April Fool Websites  Apollo's Pad April Fool  Drunken fool get KTFO  wot a fool !!!!  Don't fool yourself  The Love Police  tots  Ninja Waitress Accidently Kicks Guy In The Face  Idiot Rides Into Sign  Japanese Traditional Chopsticks  Embarrassing Party Boat Fail  Guy makes a fool of himself!  Man Shoots His Pants Off  Man Dressed As Beetle Juice Scares Girl  Boyfriend Caught Cheating With a Hickey On His Neck!  Hot girl makes a fool out of the police!  Dancing Queen Part Two   Speed-Walking?  Bike Polo Fail  Ridiculous Infomercial Fail  The Importance of Angles Compilation  Steve-O Drunk on Adam Carolla Show  Gilbert Gottfried - Hollywood Squares  Acrobat Loses His Pants  Pizza guy Pie face  Owned Twice

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