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  Hipster girl gets HARASSED. Gets yelled at and called Willy Wonka  clerk ko  Joanna Krupa Gets Pissed  Deer Hunter Gets A Surprise  LA school gets gender-neutral toilet  Girl Gets Pantsed At School  Demonstrator Gets Run Over Video  Reporter Gets Wet On Air  Karaoke Session Gets Weird  chick gets gored by a bull  God Gets Stoned  Read Along Blog - Great Apes To Ashes, By Augusthovel  Paki gets Pushed of a cliff  fat chick gets fucked up on dirtbike  Biker Gets "Even."  Reporter Gets Licked On Live TV  Female Cop Gets Pwned  Man Calls 911 While Being Dragged by a Pickup  Speeders Instant Karma!  [USA] Driver attempts to "drift" in front of a cop. Over enforcement or justified?  Too much sugar  Dramatic Chipmunk Gets Owned  Federer Gets Lobbed By a Kid  Little Leaguer Gets Owned  SUV Gets Airborne  Pig in a Blanket Gets a Cookie  Hummer Driving Hotshot Gets His Rims Repossessed  Easter Bunny Gets Mugged  Every time a bell rings  Drone Gets Mooned!  Bill Gets Rejected  Bull Gets KTFO  Cheerleader Gets Knocked Out  I'm a swell guy  Skateboarder Gets Stuck on Rail  Reporter Gets OWNED by Wrestler  Fake or Real?  Guy Gets Trolled By A Lion  PRANKSTER GET'S SMACKED!!!  Hunter Gets Lucky.  Dumb Kid  Snowboarder Gets A Vicious Knockout  truck gets hit by train  FIGHT...GIRLFRIEND GETS KNOCKED OUT!  Lunatic Gets Destroy Car  Electrician Gets Knocked Out  A Homeless Man Gets A Home  Skater Hit by Car  Kid Gets Down to Madonna  DANGER ZONE  Getting a speeding ticket never looked so fun  Mario gets a... WTF!!!.  Security Gets Stabed at Walmart  Guy Gets Knocked Out  Santa Gets Busy!  Girl Gets Stuck In Tire  Scumbag Gets Instant Karma  Mommy gets a new puppy!  Man Gets Kicked By A Horse!  Sewer Gets Clogged and Lifts Car Up From Manhole!  Dog Gets Bullied by a Duckling  Belligerent reporter gets owned  Angry Midget Gets Owned  Afro Kid Gets High  Woman Gets Hit On Head  Policeman Gets Rundown At Checkpoint!  Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With Justin Bieber Tickets  Woman gets Knocked Out  Cyclist Gets Trapped  Longboarder Gets Road Rash!  Robber Literally Gets An Ass Whooping  Big Fish Gets Swallowed Whole  The Jogger  When Kayaking Gets Brutal  girl gets pwnd  Squirrel Launcher  Drunk Woman Gets Lucky.  Skydiver Gets Very Lucky.  Rider falls off on to the race track but gets back on  Newt Gingrich gets Glittered  Man Gets Bionic Hand  Escort Gets a Big Surprise  University Student gets Tasered  Indian Motorcyclist Gets T-Boned By A Huge Cow  Purse Thief  Crazy Midget Gets A Job  Granny Gets Tasered  Man In A Wheelchair Gets Mugged.  Pervy Neighbor Gets A Peek!  Female Bully Gets Owned  Photographer Gets Nailed By Big Wave  Batmobile Gets Pulled Over....  fake baseball hit  Unlucky Reporter  Girl Gets Tased  Snitch Gets Beat Up  Reporter Gets Shot At Twice?  School TV Gets Hacked  Woman Gets Messed Up On POT!  Teacher Gets Revenge  Gamers Emotional Reaction of Being Swatted  When PS VR Gets Serious  Fat Guy Gets Splashed  Provoked Lady LASHES OUT on Train!  George Carlin Gets Remixed  Impatient biker  Drug Buyer Gets A Suprise  Orbit gets schooled  Girl Gets Taken Out!  Fighter Gets Intense AB Workout  Baby gets hit with a killer crossover  stuntman lets himself getting ran over  Cameraman Gets Kick in the Face  Trespassing Hunter Gets Paint Bombed  Baby Penguin Gets Tickled  Drug Dealer Gets Ass kicked  Is it always this Easy?  Horse Gets Last Laugh  Chubby Kid Gets Revenge on Bully  IRS Scammer Gets Trolled  Biker Vs Stairs  Bully gets slapped  News Reporter Gets Photo Bombed  Bikini Girl Gets Daring On A Motorcycle!  Sexy Environmentalist MILF Gets Schooled  Party Boy gets Elephant Massage  Pikachu Gets Rabies (Mature Only)  Girl Gets Hair Caught in Shredder  Man Gets Unexpected Knockout In Pub !!!  Fps Doug Gets his guns  Mom Gets Pranked  Mugger gets owned by glass door  World's Ugliest Dog Gets A Makeover...  Porsche Gets Stuck In Wet Cement  Car gets air  Boy with cancer gets his dream  Chick Gets Owned in Volleyball  Pug Gets Blowjob  Woman gets put in her place  Girl jumps up on stage, gets denied  Marine gets a fast-1 inserted in chest  Daughter-for-heroin mom gets 51 years in prison!  Motorcyclist Cutting Traffic Gets Owned  Gay guy gets fabulous on Jeopardy!  Man Gets Tazered  Bullys gets beat up  Asian Kid Gets Face Plant  Mom Gets Surprise of Her life!  Old Man Gets Hit By Lighting  My Ginger Friend  Guy Gets Shot with BB Gun  News Reporter Gets Rick Roll'd  5yo kid ignores dad on the ski slope, catches some big air  Guy gets pwned  Teen Princess Gets Her Shit Rocked...  asian guy gets jumped by 7  Chinese Girl Gets Gun Out Of Her Ass  Every Week Gets More Orwellian...  Flood Quickly Gets Out of Control!  Reverse dog attack, HUMANS WIN!  Roommate Gets Busted Sleeping  Harry Potter Gets a Real Job  Security Guard Gets Clotheslined by Gate  paintball noob  Kid Gets Leg Cracked by Boards  Dog gets back at owner for her terrible singing  Man gets off moving train  Girl Gets Caught Creeping & Gets Put On Blast  Reporter Gets Owned By Mother Nature  Rep. Brian Baird Takes a Verbal Beat Down  Reckless Guy-Motorcycle CRASH  Girl Gets Tasered  Squatter In A Detroit House Gets Owned!  Car gets Smashed in Buffalo Stampede!  Woman Throws Kitty in a Dumpster  Mickey Mouse gets served  "Miss" Gay Brazil Gets Owned.  Moron Gets Shocked Very Hard  A kid gets owned by a ninja cat.  Guy Willingly Gets Shot by Fireworks!

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