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  joke  Just a lion on the street =))  Well, that escalated quickly.  Hilarious stand up comedian  Dance Around Tha Pizza  snow joke  Meet Your First Black Girlfriend!  ALOHA AKBAR!  Lawer bombs.  Last Parking Spot  Getting woken up like this would suck.  Parenting at it's Finest  Funny Joke  Funny Upskirt Joke  Women squirting  v  when a m8 tries to make a joke  Don't joke  commercial  3 Condoms please  [Poetry] How to ruin a parade with a trumpet  [Poetry] Hot girl laughs  Wheres Biff now?  Tight Panties  Restless Penis Syndrome  This reminds me of Steve Brule for some reason.  Hidden camera joke  Elis Dirty Jokes- The Farmers Daughters  Super Cena  Blonde Joke  Egg joke backfires  Elis Dirty Jokes-Piano Man  The Magic Short Bus  Europe's Got Talent.  A Rabbi, A Priest, & A Black Man Get On A Plane  Steve Write On A Bus  Albert E Kat "It was funny to me"  great joke  militarians joke  Electric Shocked!!!  disco  Elis Dirty Jokes- Nice to Meet You  Strange Life Of The Hamster  Juicy Fart  Amado's Sleep Joke  Elis Dirty Jokes-Loving Embrace  Elis Dirty Jokes-Track Team  Elis Dirty Jokes-The Key to the Room  Joke. Let's jump together  Ever Seen A Patient's Vocal Cords Evaluated Using Stroboscopy?  Take off Towel Joke  Minecraft is Cool!  Friend Defends George Zimmerman  Free Drinks From a Vending Machine - Russian  [Poetry] Guiness  Comedian tries and fails at telling rape joke, it gets more awkward from there  Women, Now You Can...PEE STANDING UP!  Im sick  Elis Dirty Joke-Hoshimota  Elis Dirty Joke-Recovery Roses  Why men are like snow storms - joke  Ghost joke  Eli's Dirty Jokes - Holiday Special!  Knok Knock  The Pee Song  South Park Hilarious  Elis Dirty Jokes- Five B  Elis Dirty Jokes-Monkey Love  Elis Dirty Jokes- Moose  Elis dirty jokes- Arabi  Another Insurgency Joke  swine flue joke  Rebecca Black NO AUTO TUNE  Gift basket joke  Best Skate Video In The World II  Where my end goes  Scare compilation 2  Marilyn Monroe prank  Joke in Title  Bad stutterer  Giggle Maan  Hillarious JOKE!  Elevator Murderer  Undertale: Sephirothsword57's review  Only Want Sex - nastylara.co.nr  Kid brother trauma  Mirror prank  Finger Pants!  Father Prank Daughter FAIL  Hungry Hungry Hippos - Movie Trailer  Norwegian Butter Crisis  Mettaton's Quiz - Hardmode [undertale]  What is Undertale?  Firefox has encountered a bug  What Funnyjunk Sounds Like  Time stops prank  Does the Pee Prank work?  Trust me  Talking deer joke  Elis Dirty Jokes-The Shepard and His Boy  Eli's dirty jokes-RAWR  Original Joke again  Tfw epic joke  Motorcyclist Comes Upon Dead Deer With a Get Well Soon Balloon  Crazy Stunt Guys Arm Catches On Fire  The Best Teamwork Plays In Football History  Joke in School  Elis dirty jokes-BBQ Bo  Piranha bites finger half off fisherman  Why obesity is prevalent in U.S.  Joke with coke  Frisk Got Dunked On  The Driver  Red neck sling shot  Wet back  More Proof Mencia Steals Jokes  Hyena Fart Prank  I illustrated my sons favourite joke  Around The Wheel, Mechanics Joke  Girl Runs Over Uncle  Japanese restaurant employs monkeys  Army Taunts Kids With Water  Prankster gets owned  (Joke) Norm MacDonald - A Frog Goes Into a Bank to Get a Loan  Cop KICKS THE CRAP OUT OF THE CATS FACE!!!!!  Testicular Cancer is no joke  Fox - We're Conspiring to Keep Ron Paul from winning  When Batman is infected with ContagiousLaughter  guy eats paris hilton's shit.  Super Joke  This Is Not A Joke!  Child Molester Joke  The Joke  another PC master race joke  Invisable Rope Trick Angry Man With Shovel  Weatherman Loses It After Depends Commercial  Setting leg on fire  Haircut gone wrong  My All Time Favorite (Cajun) Joke  Blondes have more fun.  Justin Bieber being racist  Louis CK joke THIEF steals from David Cross  When The Hammer Fails  Farting Prank.  DDHR Dance Dance Honky Revolution  Cosmos Edited for Rednecks  Strength Prank  A electric shocker in the seat  Phony Fisherman  Here's to a White Christmas ¬  admin, i know what you need  Harvey Specter - Nazi joke  A North Korean tour guide tells a joke  Try holding your laugh with these kid's honesty. HAHAHA  Setting a guy on fire  Deer Swing  April 1st  Punchline Piracy  American Indian Names, White Man Names  Florida Orchestra Plays A Prank On Their British Conductor  Elsi's Dirty Jokes  knock knock  Today, joke at the lego's factory.  Trolling  Guy With Stomach Flu Get's Tasered  Russian Box Break Fail  Camel Gossip - The Creation of a Joke  funny phone  Old Joke Acted Out  JOKE OF THE DAY - The Handsome Proctologist - Thurs 9162010  Never tell a joke about his mom  Horse Fly  Burr  Eating Chinese  When your joke is actually funny  NSFW  lavelle crawford - "yo mama" joke  The Penguin Joke! (WARNING: Hilarious!)  Screamer Backfire  Harmless Scare Prank Turns Sour

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