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  Oh NOW You're Worried About Executive Power  Funny debate  LIBERAL GUN CONTROL IN A NUTSHELL  Liberal hypocrisy  Funny How Racism Is Okay So Long As It's A Liberal Spewing It  Liberal Redneck  Berkeley Students' Surprising Reaction To ISIS And Israel Flags  The Young Turks Insult Epic Beard Guy  Trump Eating Tears  Alec Baldwin For AT&T  There's no racist like a liberal racist  Understanding Liberal Insanity Disorder  Funny Reaction to being Woken up  Multimillionaire Michael Moore Denies Hes Part Of One Percent  Liberal idiot  So God Made A Liberal  Nice Guy!  WELFARE ABUSE: Texas welfare recipient says working is stupid  Swedish Liberals Deny Islamic Rape Culture  diane charette  God Made a -dirtbag- Liberal  Hillary Voters Support Sharia Law  Mick Mulvaney defends eliminating Meals on Wheels because the program is "not showing any results."  Florida Democrat Compares Healthcare Reform to the Holocaust  5 Signs You're A Regressive Liberal  Liberal vs. Conservative  Liberal gets it Good  Liberal America Logic  The Daily Show Destroys OccupyWallStreet  BLACK CRIME trayvon martin explained  Racist Liberal attacks postal worker  Anybody in College Will Love This Cartoon  [Poetry] DJ Dad  Liberal Sad Eyes  Hugo Chavez Sounds Like Every Liberal I Know  "Burning Ceremony of the 2010 Cencus" - a bunch of rednecks burn their census papers to protest Obama and his 'liberal friends'.  Punking the Liberal One Percenters  Liberal TOM HANKS Being Racist  PREMIERE! Boxing match, Canadian deputy VS Canadian senator.  SJW Meltdowns - Reaction to Donald Trump Victory  Alex Jones.  To be a Liberal.  Liberal Redneck - Trumpcare  The Liberal's iPhone  Barney Frank's Boyfriend heckles Sean Bielat  GOP Is Not Racist, Notwithstanding Liberal Lies  Hillary vs. Coffee Maker  Nathan Tabor gets punched  Liberal's iPhone  Exposed: The Truth Behind Ahmed The Clock Bomb Hoax  President Jesus  The Occupy Movement In All It's Glory  Exactly  Hillary Clinton: 'Those Under FBI Scrutiny Shouldn’t Be Able to Just Go Buy a Gun’  Black Conservative OWNS Black Liberal OUCH!  Advance  Massive house party - trashed!!  Being liberal on FJ  GOP Candidate Mark Callahan Scolds Reporter  Obama "Blame It"  Liberal Redneck - What's It Gonna Take Yall  Liberal Rally Calls For Lynching  So God Made A Liberal...  Chris Matthews "Forgot" Obama Was Black  Woman At Liquior Store Shoots Robber!  Liberal Redneck - Trump and Trans  I, Pet, Goat.  Donald Trump's Leaked Voicemail Messages  Hillary Supporter Electrocuted Trying To Steal Trump Sign  The Return of Segregation  Soylent Green Is Made Out Of People  Obama without his Teleprompter  Fox News Crops  White Guys: We Suck and We're Sorry  DEMOCIDE: Liberal Socialism, Tyranny, and The Second Amendment  Anti Gun Liberal News Anchor gets destroyed repeatedly  With typical tolerance, militant Liberal attacks Bristol Palin  The Most Honest 3-1/2 Minutes of TV  Bill Maher : Christianity Under Attack?  Democratic Socialist Gets An Economy Lesson  DOJ whistleblower exposes corruption in Justice Dept.  NBC Reporter Buried By Balloons.  Call For Violence At OccupyLA Protest: Long Live Revolution!  An Interview with Nick Clegg  Republic vs. Democracy  Protester Says Many Are 'Looking For An Actual Revolution'  Thomas Frank: Why Democrats Lose. Frank argues the democrats have abandoned their traditional working-class base.  "My liberal students terrify me"  Tea Party messin with teamsters  Roseanne: Rich Should Be Beheaded If They Dont Give Up Wealth  Obama supporter calls congressional canidate N-word , Uncle Tom  Ms. Maxy's rant on work being just like bondage gets a rebuttal  OccupySesameStreet-Elmo and Friends Heckle Rupert Murdoch  Project Veritas:To Catch A Journalist Part 28242  War on Christmas: Season Greetings  Obama Failed  OccupyWallStreet Shows An Organized Effort To Intimidate Police  Howard Stern was getting the job done!  Three Tea Party members visit Occupy DC... Hilarity ensues  Man Exposes Toy Industry's Plot To Turn Our Children Into Serial Killers And, Worse Still, Republicans  Criminal foot smeller arrested at OccupyToronto  Woman Has A Meltdown When Trump Is Sworn In  South Australian Premier confronting the Australian Federal Energy Minister.  LIberal attacks a Conservative protester  Cop blocker tries to harass police officer until she calls him out for being a registered sex offender  Why choose Anarchy?  Obama VS Hecklers  Tank Man with Mario Savio  Sean Spicer connects Russia as possible allies  Texas Student Refuses to Say Mexican Pledge of Allegiance  Liberal Redneck - Parks and the Outdoors and Trump and Stuff  Senator Kamala Harris grills Jeff Sessions on his dubious answers  Page 3 of comments at Liberal arts  Page 2 of comments at Liberal arts  Liberal Protester Cries After Police Brutality  I have a liberal arts degree. me right. - Comment #184 added by emurater at Liberal arts  Bill Maher -Occupy Douchebags Should Get A Job  Page 4 of comments at Liberal arts  Red State Update: Jane Fonda Says C-Word On Today Show  Brooklyn, Minnesota, Florida - Voter Fraud Continues  6 point plan  Australian politics in a nutshell.  Page 1 of comments at Liberal arts  John Mayer & Friends: Liberal Parenting Advice  how to argue like a liberal  Wretched Liberal Hag Removed From Airplane  Media Professor Resigns After Confronting Student Journalist  Red State Update Summer Movie Preview  me doing it Girlfriend  Michael Savage Ownes Dumb Liberal Caller  Obama's Education Takeover  If I Wanted America To Fail  Lester and Charlie - American Outrage  High School Student Disarms Gunman.. GETS SUSPENDED  Protesters Threaten Reporter Cameras Will Be Stolen and Broken  OccupySanFran Protester: Let People Print Own Money  OccupyPortland Protester comes unhinged.  The Truth About Occupys Radical Origins, Bigotry  Yo! Where da drugs at ?  Rep Schakowsky Calls OccupyChicagoPatriotic, No Flags in sight  The Obaminator  Remember this Guy ?OccupyWallSt Poster Boy is A Trust Fund Baby  WallStreet protester rails against the Jews.  MSNBC Caught Deceptively Editing To Shine Poor Light On Romney  Fatal Shooting At OccupyOakland. Argument was over Weed  Leftist Hurls Racist Comments, Assaults Tea Party Member  Minnie Who gets to vote? Mickey!  Petition to Apply Affirmative Action to Basketball Team  Pay My College Tuition Because That's What I Want  Alfonzo Rachel Exposes Democrats For The Racists They Are  Assassination Attempt On Philly Police Officer In The Name Of Islam (actual footage)  Gun crimes plummet, even as gun sales rise  Idiot Hipster Fails at Pissing Off A Cop  OccupyBaltimore Rape Victim Begs For Protest To Be Shut Down  OccupyDC Protesters Turn Down Job Offers  Maddow, Maher Advise Occupy Protesters To Threaten Violence  Occupy Oakland protester demands 20 dollar minimum wage  A Day In The Life Of OccupyWallStreet Protesters  Obama's Former Harvard Professor-The President Must Be Defeated  Tea Party infiltrator exposed before he could finish his mission  Undercover Video Proves Officials Complicit With Voter Fraud  Walking Into Mordor, By Bill Whittle  Protester rebukes hate speech claims to F'ing HATE Tea partiers  Thermal images prove OccupyLondon tents mostly empty  Bitch Goes Postal on Mail Man  Media Dropped The Ball on 'Occupy Wall Street'  2 Minute Social Experiment  Biased Media Cheer Wall Street Occupiers But Jeered Tea Partiers  Sick of media comparing Tea Party to occupy protests? watch this  Video Exposes Voter Fraud-Friendly Policies In Vermont  Petition to Redistribute GPA Scores  Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012  Obama vs Chick-fil-a  First lady holds future liberal training day.  Whole Foods Market Responds To Liberal Boycott  Katie Couric Confirms Liberal Media Bias  Liberal gets a taste of reality  Whole Foods Market Responds To Liberal Boycott  High School Student Disarms Gunman.. GETS SUSPENDED  Barack Obama vs. Archie Bunker

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