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The real hero is my father, and this video is me telling him some of the encouragement from you, Reddit.  Mazzio's Quesapizza commercial (1990)s  ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE when a Group of Drunk Latina's Twerk on a Friends Car  One Leg Dance Off  Carl Hardee Sr. Returns | Carl's Jr.  Surfs Up, Let's Cook! (1990)s Possibly the earliest cooking TV show built around internet buzzwords  Indian man makes a huge bat of French fries by hand for an orphanage  One-Legged Salsa Dancing  How to Draw James Bond's Gun Walther PPK [5:31] ]  One legged dance dance revolution  Double Back Flip Fail  Kid Calls a Timeout During a Fight Because His Mom Texted Him  Drunk Squirrel Ate Too Many Crabapples  Lucky Guy Escapes Horrific Accident  The 50 Best Viral Videos of 2013  Dude Sticks His Arm Into a Live Crocodile's Stomach  Slingshot Video Goes Horribly Wrong  Mother Nature vs Annoying Woman  Grand Master Tetris Player Will Blow Your Mind  Idiot Runs His Brand New Generator Without Oil  Man In Wheelchair Hanging Onto Truck  FSU Quarterback DeAndre Johnson Caught Punching a Woman In Her Face  Garden Hose vs Giant Wasp Nest  Danny Boy by Puddles Pity Party  Backwards One-Legged Woman  Do You Smoke? Watch This!  Russian Dude Messing With People 3  Destroying Data Like a Boss  Putting a Swim Cap On Like a Boss  19th Century Swiss Toy  Crazy Thailand Dog Riding On Truck Rooftop  Star Wars Battlefront Epic Jedi Force Push  Like A Cheese Pizza  Fan Dumps Beer On Basketball Player's Head  Crazy Drunk Woman Smashes Shop Window  Driver Pushes Police Car Off The Road  Rookie Cop Fail  Trespassing Hunter Gets Paint Bombed  Most Disgusting Back Cyst Ever  The Problem With Small YouTubers | The Crusty Project Podcast [30:24]  Lazy Fossa  Surprise Accident  Joey Runs For His Water Bottle  Shirtless Dude Owned By Cop  Magic Trick Goes Very Wrong  Best News Bloopers of 2012  Skydiver Almost Smashes Into Mountain With Late Parachute Deployment  Fail Compilation August 2012  Idiot Caught Breaking Into Neighbor's Apartment While He's Home  CiCi's 102½th Birthday Splash  2 Cows Hump While Crossing The Road and Pay For It  Cop Uses His Car As a Battering Ram To Smash Into Man With Gun  Playground Fail Compilation  3 Ford Mustang Drifting Fails One After Another  Wrestler Almost Dies From Failed Rope Stunt  Cat vs Counter Top Tin Foil  Little Boy In A Minion Costume Takes a Digger  November 2013 Fail Compilation  New Marlboro Cigarettes Commercial WTF  Cat Owned By Breakdancer  Cat Mosh Pit  [Poetry] I'm the game warden  The BEST Holiday Commercials of the 1990s and 1980s: [11:01]  Kick Boxer Knocked Out Like a Falling Tree  Drunk Black Man Thinks He's Gangsta and Harasses White Guy On Subway  Ford V-8 Powered Log Splitter Death Machine  Dude Gets Smacked By Girlfriend For Throwing a Beer Onto The Race Track  Tell Me When  Eyeshadow Do's and Don'ts  Dog VS. Leg  Why is Japan's Population Declining?  The F**k Her Right In The P**sy Guy Trolls News Again  Tour Guide Goes Balls To The Wall In China Town On Her Last Day  Little Kid Nails Buzzer Beater To Win The Basketball Game  How Fights Usually Go at School  Cat Steals Food From The Freezer  Scumbag Beats On Girlfriend For Having Her Period  Fail Compilation March 2013  The Karate Rap  Cat Walking Down Fridge  Just Some Crazy Canadians Ice Fishing  Cup Song Fail  [Haiku] I love this game cause  [poetry] How to stop Russian hackers  Stay yo ass down bitch!

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