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  MINEsweeper record  Record Cliff Jump  172 foot high dive - world record  World Record Long Jump  The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' Breaks 1,000-Year-Old Weightlifting Record  Record squat attempt goes wrong  World Record Goldfish.  Jack White Liquid Filled Record- Record Store Day 2012  Florida Fisherman Catches 11-Foot, 805-Pound Shark  Ebaums Update  Huge Freakin Fish  5-Year-Old World Record Limbo  Insane HeadSpinner  Amazing 200 ft Hockey Goal  Worst swimming record ever  Record Breaking No-Handed Bike Wheelie!!  Coke & Mentos World Record  Kid counts to Pi  Rocket Bicycle World Record ǀ 333 km/h (207 mph)  Guinness Record: Father and Daughter Have World's Widest Tongues  Biggest Afro In The World - Guinness World Record  Breaking The World Record For The Highest Standing Jump  Diana Nyad Walks Onto The Shore In Key West  Stick Bomb World Record  Guinness world record burp  Brick Breaking World Record  World Record - Pistachio Eating [5 years old, 2,496 views]  Eagle free falls from top of World Tallest Building into the hands of its trainer!  Teen Breaks World Record!!  world record bench press  World Humping Record  New underwear world record  Speed Stacking Cups World Record  Longest Hockey Fight Ever  World Record Basketball Dribbler  World Record Slam Dunk  Standing Jump World Record  Guitar Hero World Record  Man Takes Off Half of His Face  World's Smallest One-Person Helicopter  World Record 16 Girls In A Smart Car  The Longest Fart Ever  Baseball Bats Breaking Record  Fattest Man Goes On a Diet  Worst Mouse Plague Ever  50 Year Old Ronald Reagan Record Surfaces  Super Fast Shooter  guy breaks world record  Human Domino's World Record  biggest nose ever  New Zealander Reuben De Jong World Record Attempt  Embarrassing World Record Attempt  Cup Stacking Guinness Word Record  World Record Basketball Shot  Super Mario World -- Credits Warp Non-Emulator World Record  Woman Devours 72oz steak in 3 mins.  World's Tallest Man Meets World's Smallest Man  World Record Football Punch  Annuit Coeptis  World Record Hoverboard take off!  WRX Rally Corner  World Record Eruption  World Record Mattress Dominos.  World Record Car Jump !  World's record of fastest clapping  Human Speed Bump  Man Sets Flyboard Air Guinness World Record  95-Year-Old Sets 200m World Record  World's Oldest Woman  Man with world's biggest nose  10,500,000 fireworks  World's Longest Legs  The Bacon Eating World Record  BMX Height Record  126km  Rubix Cube World Record  Ball Heading Record  Killer javelin  world record burger  New Guinness world record set for tallest Lego tower  Oldest woman to bungee jump 91yrs old  RE RECORD NOT FADE AWAY  Most Sausages Swallowed in 1 min  Man Sets World Record By Jump Roping 164 Times On A Unicycle  High Note World Record  The Biggest Lego Airplane In The World  World's Fastest Drift  Flyboard Air - Guinness World Record  Gymnast Does 10 Backflips In 5 Seconds  World Record Speed Guitar!  World Record Most T-Shirts Worn  Largest Snakes Ever  1010 LB Bench Press Record  Near World Record Lake Trout  Rubik's Cube Solved By Lego!  Unbelievable Basketball Shot  Swimmer Sets A World Record Without Taking A Single Stroke  Snow Angel World Record  Eddie Hall Sets Deadlift World Record, Nearly Kills Himself in the Process  Cup Timed Relay Record- 13.19  Single Biggest Firework On Record Malta Festival.  World record water jump.  Dog Bites Dozens of Balloons  Curling 223 pounds  BASE Jumpers Leap from Skyscraper, Break Record  New Train Speed Record  Skydiving Formation  Can Opener 2000  Parallel Parking like a Boss  Who needs dance pads for DDR  guy puts 18 quarters up his nose  longest frisbee throw ever  13-Year Old Girl Bench Press 198lbs  World Record Flight at Red Bull Flugtag  Record Car Jump  20k Project - Massive World Record in Trackmania!  10,500,000 Firecrackers  Off the Record June promo  Most bras unhooked in 1 minute  Guy set record on bike  That's One Strong Dude  Soccer Heading Record.  Awesome Skateboarder  Record Time Pants Swap  Most whipcracks in a minute  Is This The World's Longest Tongue?  almost 100 videos of a Cambodian man covering pop songs [2:15]  Killer Instinct world record 300 hit ultra Orchid Ranked  The super fast Douglas Dalua Longboard Speed Record  World Record 600 syllables in 60 sec.  world record  Guitar Speed Record  New Speed Climbing World Record  World Record Attempt For Lowest Standing Backflip  Athena vs. The LP.  Engrish Talent  Rohit Sharma's 264 Record : Mind Boogling Facts  Guy Skips A Stone 88 Times Across Water  Non Blinking Record  Cat's Purrfect Purr a Record?  Harlem Globetrotters  Team breaks 'Most Dogs On A Surfboard' Record!!!  The Fastest Car In The World  World Record Penny Pyramid  Fail Train  Micro Machines Guy  Japan hit by record rains  World Record Bugatti Veyron Super Sport  World Record For Scorpions In Mouth  Nike #Breaking2: Trailer  [Poetry] What happens when you throw a meat pie on a record player...  Reporter Ruins Guinnes World Record  Peregrine Falcon Breaks Speed Record at 183 mph  World record figure skating spin  World's Largest Toy Airplane  World record Paper airplane throw  Reporter Ruins Record Attempt  Fastest Cheetah Breaks World Record  Limbo Record  Usain Bolt 100 meter dash world record  World's Largest Beach Ball  World's biggest nose  Musical Magic: A Functional Record Made Out Of Ice  World Record Highline Crossing: Daredevil's 375m Highline  Bunny Hop World Record !  Bike Rolling  Chicks Racing In High Heels  Fastest Motorcycle  HEAD SPIN NEW WORLD RECORD.  360ft Motorbike Jump  World Record For Most T-Shirts at Once.  Tetris: The Grandmaster Record Speedrun  Mattress Dominoes World Record  Smallest Woman Ever To Give Birth  How Sony's Betamax Lost To JVC's VHS Recorder  Head Smashing Watermelon Man  World's Longest Hair  World Speed Record On A Mountain Bike  blindfolded rubik's cube record  rubik's cube in 7 seconds

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