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  Retard can't drive a golf ball  Borat: "He is retard?"  Two Men Fail at Stealing a ATM  Dumbass Eats Mayonnaise By Itself  Bowling retard!  Jumping Moving car Goes Wrong  Drunk Guy Smashes Head Through Table  Scared Housemate Reacts Hilariously to Masked Prank  Idiot Tackle  Veggies  That is why peoplesay dont tacke Dru  retard  Retard girl freestyles do argue on a train  This is a fucking funny video  World's Fastest Bass Player  Crazy Dude Nails His Hand To Desk  Retard Fights Numero ONE!  potato wtf???  Dumbass Fence Slam Stunt  When claustrophobia sets in  Various FAILS from different sports!!  Sara Palin Fail.  guy breaks window with his ass  Going Full Retard Prank  Retard Strong  semi-retarded goalkeeper  People who went Full Retard  Shopping Channel Retard!  News hoster speaks like a retard  When in rome  Night shift at Wawa  Kid Laying Eggs  Hootey  worst magic trick ever  back buster  Retard Alert  when xe hears you call her a girl  The Naked Gun  kelly fights dog/death   me playin ac/dc  haha there's only one R. Retard!  Retard slams into wall  AMERICAN RETARD MUST WATCH  donyy breaks my camera  Dumbest Girl Alive  DILLS A TARD  Funny Gypsy Wedding With Fireworks Fail!  Idiot on a skateboard  Woman Reporter Ruins Pot  Looter Gets Owned During G20 Toronto Riots  Paintball To The Throat  retard gone wild  retard  Zombie at gas station  Little Boy Pulls Out A Gun On An Old Woman on Halloween  kanye west gwb hates blacks  trash can biker  Adam Sandler is Special  Video Game Review FAIL  Desert Eagle FAIL  Drunk Guy Gets Abused at Fredfest  Retard Issues an Earthquake Warning  Tattoo Fail (So I Got a New Tattoo)  Idiot teacher blows up classroom  Skater crashes in to glass window  Dropkick to the Face  Dancing Queens  Retard Robbery on web cam  Going Unarmed With Power Armor  Which person does not belong?  Romney Rap  Family Feud Richard Dawson Wont Stop Laughing  Dry Ice Bomb Explosion  Alcohol plus fireworks and a dumbass  Wiiiii  Fred Goes to the dentist  "Pop Champagne" Retard Remix  New Wheels On The Block  I Don't Like You!  have u tried not being a retard  I'm Retarded?  Crazy Guy In Shootout With The Cops  Retarded Punk Rock Party  insurance fraud  When People Are Retarded  WELCOME TO CANDID CAMERA!  Rosie Odowns  Redneck vs Train  Mental patient interview  passed out dude gets punched, dicks drawn all over him, and his eye are so drunk! owwwuuuuuuuuu  Lady has multiple videos of herself coughing on camera.  Kid laid out  Retard doing the Harlem Shake  Retardents are for Retards toxic beds  Crispy Pops Cereal  Top 10 reasons not to date a meat eater  Idiot Break's Tree  Basil Marceaux.com on gun control  Joe Biden Asks Disabled Vet to Stand Up  Retard Kid  retard test  Retard Rappers  Retard beatboxing  what a headache  Kid Smashes Baseball In Head  Backflip ends in Knockout  braindead speeder trys to fight ticket  awsme america got talent dog  Buggy Flip Retard  Sloth craps his pants  Mutant 15yr old Slut  the cookin show  Retard Gangster  Magic Trick  Easy Riffage  Snot  Car Crashes Into Van  Worst Corvette Driver EVER  Why John McCain lost the election  SEXY DANCING GETS OUT OF CONTROL!  The Good Old Quarter Prank  Retard Moment  retard neighbours  freakin retard  super retard  Retard Strong  cowboy retard  RETARD MUSIC  matt running threw door  Stupid Retard Boy  Psycho Celebrates Hitler's Birthday  broken ankle on playground  Retarded Spider-Man (2007, 2,466 views)  Light switch of the retard  LARS ULRICH SUCKS  Vending Machine Drop Kick  Restore Stephen Baldwin  Brilliant Idea  Retarded A B C's  I broke his hip, watch this retard limp  Horrific Bicycle Crash  HAVOC ep. I  Retarded Zombies 3 Act1  Redneck's Way of Shoveling Snow  retard football  Towing Retard  Dancing Retard  mustang retard  Reverend Retard  retard singing  Retard skate  Fire retard  Fergalicious retard!  Retard Brain  Retard strong.  Parasailing retard  retard mcretard  Treadmill Retard  Freaking Retard  Zippo Retard  retard rap  Proof that McDonalds causes brain damage.  Josh Takes Out Justin With Barrel  Naty In The Tree  He puts a condom on his head and acts retarded whoo!  Autistic man starts a fight with a random person and is stopped by his caretaker  Hyper Retard Kid  Drunk Old Retard!  Retard Mosh Pit  Fat Stupid Retard dancing  Crotch Rocket Retard  Retard And Water Bottle  Retard eats live snake  Retard and a Dog  Man Sticks Hand In Fire Ant Colony  James Toney - Calls out Dana White and Qunitina A-hole Jackson  Everytime we touch new music video  Singer Falls and Rolls Down Steps  Fat Kid Falls Off Couch  Traditional Fire Dance

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