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  Mission: Drink until Puke  A Recreation of the 1992 music video for "Why" by Annie Lennox, with a side-by-side comparison to the original. 8,661 views  Colombian Breaking Bad Remake  shot  One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot, Toilet?  Girl Makes Impossible Shot look Easy o_o Her reaction is hilarious :D  Cop gets shot  Recess Opening Scene Remake  Bow and Arrow Trick Shots  Sergio Garcia Tree Shot  The Jumping Nut Pole  Longest Goal in Hockey History?  Incredible sniper shot that saved a man from suicide  Insane Head Shot graphic imagery   Spurs' Manu Ginobili Trick Shot  What A Shot!  SHOT AND A...  Flaming Shot Mishap  nut shot including a trampoline  Crazy Basketball Buzzer Beater  Around the back  Drunk Guy Plays With Sheep And Takes A Nutshot For It  INSANE SHOT  Chick Get a Crotch Shot  Lucky Bowling Shot  A bizarre funk remix of a Phil Mickelson golf instructional video (170 views)  HMB while i try Beer Pong Trick Shot Glove  Man Gets Shot And Stabbed Outside His House  1 Shot 2 Kills  Super Basketball Shot  CUTTING A TREE DOWN PART 1  30lb Nut Shot  Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Plane  Money Shot  Child Stones Random Man  call of duty  Derrick Rose Hits The Game Winner Buzzerbeater  Spring Break Fight Ends With a Kick To The Face  Kid Attempts To Play Baseball  CHIN GAME  Sling shot  A girl gets owned playing dodge ball  Gun  Wade Twisting, Tumbling and Scoring  Pitcher Owned by Little Kid  Scoring For The Wrong Team  Free throw behind the back over the head trick shot  Painful Ski fail  shooting a 10ga  King James Meets his Maker  Bicycle Kick Goal  Butt shot  Nice Shot  Just passing by win  Perverted Women's Tennis Cameraman  Kick gone wrong  Unbelievable Basketball Shot From the Bleachers  Lightning Strikes a Plane Right After it Takes off  Snowball Fight Leads to Broken Window  Dolly Shot  Eliza Dushku is hot!!!  basketgirl  Amazing Backspin  Windy Day Fail  Beer Pong Trick Shot Glove- Invention Rejections  Spying On Rugby Team Fail  Bartender Mixes Drinks with Billiard Cue  rock to head  Trick Shot  Basketball Trick Shot Fail  Karate Kick Direct Hit  girl basket  shot down  Raw Helmet Cam Footage Of Raid On Iraqi House  Roach Clip Episode 2  RC Plane Fail  Girl Owned by Dodgeball  Q Unique  Birdie  Skater Doesn't Like His Stuff, He Want's To Crush It.  Breakdancer Gets Hit By A Exercise Ball  Women's Dodge Ball  Ball PWNS Kid  Reporter Nailed By Soccer Ball  Martin Kaymer Skips Ball Over Water  Guy bowls a strike backwards between his legs  Front Flip Basketball Shot  $wOo$h  golfer kills bird  Kick The Can Fail  This Is One Awesome Basket  Soccer Player Scores In His Own Net  Soccer Fans Win Game  Chair Doesn't Stop Bowler  Panic Shot  Sports clip  Camera Position Fail  Ouch - sniper shoots Syrian protester in his balls  Kid hit by ball  Flaming Shot!  Every Shot A Kill Shot  Basketball Cheap Shot  Canadian Cop Shooting Caught On Tape  Golf Shot Gone Wrong  Nut shot  Worlds longest basketball shot!  Worlds longest basketball shot!!  Unbelievable Basketball Shot  One Shot Pinata  See Saw Demonstration Nut Shot  great shot  Flaming Shot Goes FUBAR  Hands down the best kick to the balls on the internet  Un-predictable Full court shot!  Incredible Full Court Shot  Full Court Basketball Shot  Another Flaming Shot Failure  hard nut shot  Armed robber gets shot!  Live Events The Greatest Reality Television  World Longest Basketball Shot  Guy Gets Hit in the nuts By Golf Ball  2 Deer 1 Bullet  Now that's how you take a jello shot!  28lbs. nut shot...  How to Take a Shot  5000 shot Firework Deathstar  Weightlifter Nut Shot Prank  Funniest thing ever!  Quick Draw  BasketBall-Amazing Shot  Chocolate Blowj0b Shot  Marine courtesy  Trampoline Nut Shot!  Loser Makes 50 ft shot  yaaaaaaaaaaaa  Alcohol makes everything sexier  Owned by a Skateboard!  got lucky, still, cool beans.  Robbers get more than they bargin for!!  The sexy block shot  $100 Bet Epic Trick Shot (First Try)  Gun Shot Slow Motion  Reporter Gets Shot At Twice?  Double Nut Shots  Paintball Shot to Throat  Dealing with Trouble Makers  Twist on Pool Nut Shot  Gong Golf  Accurate Slingshot, Water Bottle Right on Target, Prank.  Ball 3  50 caliber sniper rifle  Yet Another Miserable Flaming Shot Fail  Amazing Pool Trick Shot!  NYC Street Shooting Caught on Tape  getting shot with paintball gun  Construction Site 2x4 Nut Shot  fat kid gets shot  The Jet Stream Shot  Painful Groin  One of the greatest SNIPER SHOTS  Shot in the Tongue  The many uses of the F word  Tiger's Blood - Shot  Humiliating Penalty Shot  Mike Ribeiro Shootout Hockey Goal  The Old Pool Sling Shot Prank  UFO SHOT DOWN 102710  Irina and Jody wedding photo slideshow  Christina and Warren wedding photo slideshow Walnut Creek  Lucky Hole In One Bounces Off Opponents Ball  Cheerleader Hit with Soccer ball  Hindi dance part 5  Hindi dancing hot  Soccer Boom Headshot  Amazing Golf Shot  best penalty shot ever  Incredible Bow Fishing Shot  sick shot bro!  wanna be president

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