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  ''SHUT UP!'' Watch Bill O’Reilly lose it when Al Franken exposes him as a liar in 2003  Attention span  Denard Span Hits Mom With Foul Ball  Former President Obama: "So, uh, what's been going on while I've been gone?" (C-SPAN)  Prank Calls - C SPAN  I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video  Shortest Attention Span EVER  Stranger Things in Congress (C-SPAN)  C-Span, BIG FUCK!  Zombie Puppers  Short Attention Span  Is this the way to get to the frontpage?  c span prank call  C-Span Musical  C-span prank calls  C-span prank calls!  Gramps Calls C-Span  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered  Actor Ashton Kutcher Gives Speech Against Child/Human Trafficking on Capitol Hill  RAW RAW Fight the powa ~ /v/ rage flash  Straight outta compton  (unitiled)  They will learn our peaceful ways  Because you'd be in jail...  The truth behind Photoshop  Trash Crack Edits  Cringe #31 - My Little Pony  Some PTSD? Anyone? Cringe #46!  4chan dump #10  Hello, what's your name?  Alpha Stories #1  Cringe #39  Rekt #3  Weekend at hillary's  Another new song :)  VOTE ID FRAUD!!!  Dickbutt complete  Playing a game for the first time  The Only Way to Open a Beer  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  Ya Pervert!  Hilarious Garbage - YLYL #1  Let me help you buddy  Friday the 13th  Hilarious Garbage - YLYL #2  How to deal with road rage in Canada  Weather Service Alert  Bitches Drink Free  Piss your pants #6  Cringe #53  Ashton Kutcher FULL OPENING STATEMENT (C-SPAN)  Do you hear them singing, Funnyjunk?  March (Playthrough)  Dog Food in the Candy Bowl  Newest Song!  Rekt #1  Destiny raids be like  God's light has left us  Cringe #30 - Disturbing and disturbed  Politically Incorrect #2  Funnyjunk #1  Son Na-eun  Official FJ Dark Souls II FIGHT CLUB  Waifu Souls  Expectations versus Reality  GUM BALL IMMIGRATION  C-Span Prank Call Compilation  Sen McCain on Sen. Paul: "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin." (C-SPAN)  /k/ meets /x/  Guy singing random syllables  Pirate Joe killing it  CS Webm Comp 1  CS Webm Comp 5  CS Webm Comp 7  Cringe #43 - SFW Reupload  CS Webm Comp 6  Jerry  disney's new star wars trailer  Short Feminism video comp  Big bug  TFW you open funnyjunk expecting thumbs  Amazing Double Dutch  FJ users in real life  You can do it dog!  Street music is the best  Ex-Men. The last one is great.  AAAAAHHH!!!  Aqua the caged monkey  Spider creating web  CUNTSMAN  Roman Army Structure  What is love?  CS Webm Comp 3  CS Webm Comp 4  CS Webm Comp 8  TRUTH FINALLY REVEALED  Spongebob Webm Comp 8  CS Webm Comp 12  Spongebob Webm Comp 10  CS Webm Comp 14  John 117  FJ Dances to Backstreet Boys!  Ball to the face  Spongebizzle  Robot Drive Thru Prank  White guy surprises a Korean subway  way 2 spoopy  He did not make a mistake you monster  From 0 to full retard  GOATS  Dio in the House  Ledledledleldleldleldledl  Minecraft Holographic (E3 Demo)  Zylbrad  “you’re fine”  Only Disney Fans Remember  FJ NEW YEARS EVE PARY!  WARNING EXTREMELY NASTY, OH JESUS WHY!  And you sir?  Spongebob Webm Comp 7  CS Webm Comp 11  CS Webm Comp 15  The no neck dance  oh my goooood  PeanutSaurusRex's Weeb Collection  Scariest gun in Halo  AYAYAYA  When you see a dumb-ass comment  FJ DANCE PARTY?  That's how you shut down a fight  Halloween Pimpin  The Burning Question  Trippy music vid  The truth has been spoken  Barney's Awesome Resume.  When she notices it...  The animemanga userbase becomes gay  Somethings not right here  France vs Germany in a nutshell  Wise words from the trashmen  CS Webm Comp 10  CS Webm Comp 13  Pringles,  Sunday  FJ Makes A Song  FJ X-MAS PARTY!! HO HO HO  Physics glitch  Bryan Cranston gives a chemical burn  OMG  ....and then he breaks his neck  Upload problems?  That's a big fish  What a great time to be Alive  The Greatest Rapper Ever To Live  Dad cheers on his daughter while fishing  Womble is a faggot,but Jingles is a weab  RIP  Stupidity is Adorable  Time for your antidote  The secret ingredient...  Who's gonna die alone NOW, grandma?!!!  TRAILER MASHUP Battlefield Call of Duty  CS Webm Comp 2  ZTV News: Guest Interviews  John Testa  Cry Baby  Spongebob Webm Comp 9  20 Contents to FJ. Do You Call, Addy?  The Absolute Madman  Tolerant leftists--aren't racist?  Hit and run  Humans evolved from Apes  Top Secret Drum Corps  Undercover  When you're trying to help film a rapvid  Grand Theft Pokemon  The Sound of Silence  Ideas can be shit too  Mad Trousle Mansion  Dank Webm

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