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Strangler of the Swamp (1946) [480p]




scifi scienceFiction ghost firing squad electrocutioner garroter killer death squad hired gun hit man hit woman lyncher executioner strangler stranglers The Stranglers The Strangler Stranglers every the bog marshland morass mud quagmire bottoms fen glade marsh mire moor polder quag slough swale swampland everglade holm muskeg peat bog beset besiege drench drown engulf inundate overcrowd overflow overload saturate sink submerge wash crowd satiate snow submerse surfeit upset whelm swallow up waterlog bear bunch bundle chock cluster congest congregate crush deluge elbow flock gather huddle jam jam-pack justle mass muster pack pack 'em in pack like sardines pile push ram sardine shove squash squeeze squish stream surge swamp swarm throng top off troop disperse distribute divide scatter separate spread pull abandon leave retreat crowds bears bunches bundles chocks clusters congests congregates crushes deluges elbows flocks gathers huddles jam-packs jams justles masses musters overcrowds packs packs 'em in packs like sardines piles pushes rams sardines shoves squashes squeezes squishes streams surges swamps swarms throngs tops off troops uncompresses leaves abandons throws away pulls let goes spreads separates divides distributes retreats scatters disperses defeat ambush annihilate bar bear down beat best block butcher decimate demolish discomfit entrap finish off halt hinder impede lick mow down obliterate obstruct outflank outmaneuver overpower overrun overthrow overwhelm parry prevail over quell reduce repel repress repulse roll back rout route sack shipwreck slaughter smash subdue subjugate suppress surmount torpedo trample trash vanquish whip wipe out fail lose surrender yield advance aid allow assist attract build clear construct create encourage facilitate fix float forward free grow help increase let go liberate open permit promote release save strengthen support win abet give up inspirit defeats baffles balks beats down beats the system blanks blocks buries casts down causes setback checkmates circumvents confounds contravenes cooks counterplots crosses disappoints discomfits disconcerts disproves edges out foils invalidates neutralizes nonpluses nose out nullifies outwits overturns puts end to puzzles quells reduces refutes ruins scuttles shaves shellacs skunks spoils stumps subdues subjugates surmounts takes wind out of sails throws for loop thwarts undoes victimizes inspirits encourages loses gives up opens supports endorses allows yields clear up wins clarifies helps approves abets proves assists aids surrenders enlightens grows explains validates permits abound flood glut overcome oversupply snow under teem underwhelm asphyxiate dip douse go down go under immerse knock over plunge prostrate soak sop souse stifle suffocate dry ascend rescue Swamp June 14 1946 futurism sci-fi movie space fiction space odyssey space opera science fiction sci-fi SciFi BookWorm SciFi Book Worm Scifi Whore Scify-Blind sci-fi futurism sci-fi movie space fiction space odyssey space opera space age computer age machine age science fiction demon devil phantom shadow soul specter vampire vision apparition appearance banshee daemon haunt kelpie manes phantasm poltergeist revenant shade spook visitor wraith zombie eidolon ethereal being incorporeal being living being author biographer columnist composer creator essayist ghost ghostwriter ink slinger journalist originator playwright poet producer prose writer reporter scribbler scribe scripter word slinger wordsmith work-for-hire writer compose bang out cast clef coin a phrase comp conceive contrive cook up design devise discover draw up dream up fabricate forge form formulate frame fudge together ghostwrite imagine indite invent knock off knock out make up note down orchestrate originate pen poetize produce push pencil put down put pen to paper score scribble script set type set up time turn out whip up write destroy disorganize ruin demolish lose wreck agitate anger arouse disarrange disperse distress excite scatter upset delusion blunder casuistry chicanery daydream deception deceptiveness dream error fallacy false impression fancy fantasy figment fool's paradise hallucination head trip ignis fatuus illusion lapse mirage misapprehension mistake optical illusion oversight pipe dream self-deception speciousness spuriousness trickery trip fact reality truth accuracy actuality being certainty correction fix honesty right success surety ghost writer surrogate bubble chimera confusion deja vu figment of imagination hocus-pocus idolism ignus fatuus image invention make believe misbelief misconception misimpression mockery myth paramnesia phantasma rainbow seeming semblance virtual reality will-o'-the-wisp déjà vu event Ghost
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