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The art of sake making



Welcome to Japan, in Yorishima city, Okayama prefecture. Uchikura, Kamikokoro brewery's toji is taking us on a journey where he will teach us how sake is made. Come along and follow him in a day of work as a Japanese traditional sake maker!For more... Welcome to Japan, in Yorishima city, Okayama prefecture. Uchikura, Kamikokoro brewery's toji is taking us on a journey where he will teach us how sake is made. Come along and follow him in a day of work as a Japanese traditional sake maker!For more information about our project: ulule.com/80-jours-japon/***This documentary is the very first I made. I went to shoot in Kamikokoro brewery for two days, and created this video from scratch. After some long hours of editing, I am proud to finally show it to you. I am waiting for any opinion and critics, they will be crucial for me to get better!To support me and my project, please like and share it on your social media! (Instagram, FB, Twitter) Don't forget to tag me!We are working together with my girlfriend. Our project, 80 Days Japan, consists in going on a road trip across the country to meet traditional Japanese craftsmen and make documentaries about them. We will hit the road on the 2nd of April! Tag along and follow us in the amazing journey!Our documentaries are free and available here, on YouTube. We can't wait to start this new chapter and show you a new aspect of the Japanese culture!The brewery's website (japanese only) : http://www.kamikokoro.co.jp ***Follow me!Twitter : https://twitter.com/imRodolphe Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/imrodolphe/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/planetcalling/ The project :http://instagram.com/80joursjapon http://80joursjapon.com Music : https://soundcloud.com/kokogane ***© A documentary by Rodolphe MIEZ and Amandine COCHARD.


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