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The Fireball Incident [8:22]




affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The constant continued continuing dedicated devoted dogged eager beaver firm go-go grind hyper incessant indefatigable indomitable inexhaustible jumping patient perky persistent pertinacious plodding plugging resolute staunch steady strong tenacious tireless unceasing undeterred unfailing unfaltering unflagging unflinching unremitting unstinted unswerving unwavering unwearied failing irresolute tiring unpersevering untiring avid fanatical impassioned earnest rabid ardent passionate fervent afire antsy burning eager fanatic fervid fired frenetic hot itchy keen obsessed possessed pushy ripe spirited coming on strong gung-ho self-starting wild-eyed frigid cold happy unexcited cool unenthusiastic lethargic unconcerned apathetic indifferent dispassionate zealous experienced suited talented efficient gifted able accomplished proficient adept good qualified skillful competent adequate intelligent adapted apt au fait clever fitted green thumb masterly old hand old-timer on the ball proper veteran dynamite has what it takes having know-how having the goods having the right stuff knowing the score like a one-man band like a pistol there up to it up to snuff up to speed unqualified untalented inept weak green unskillful impotent inadequate unsuitable unskilled clumsy stupid useless unintelligent incapable unable powerless inefficient ineffective incompetent inexperienced ignorant capable forceful busy energetic diligent dynamic enthusiastic engaged alive determined lively ready quick aggressive intense bold rapid daring pushing alert whiz sharp agile animated assiduous brisk chipper dashing dexterous enterprising eventful forcible fresh frisky high-spirited industrious inventive nimble persevering purposeful sprightly spry bustling enlivened hard-working on the move calm afraid dull slow lifeless quiet quiescent inert immobile dormant abeyant uneducated cowardly dispirited disinterested sluggish lazy inactive idle meek active decent skilled appropriate complete crisp endowed enough equal fit fool pertinent polished satisfactory savvy sufficient suitable wicked all around being a pistol know ins and outs know the answers know the ropes know the score no slouch insufficient resourceful anxious aspiring come on designing desirous driving hopeful hungry inspired intent longing soaring thirsty vaulting go-getter striving ball of fire bent upon climbing come on strong get up and go goal-oriented hard ball high-reaching power-loving easy facile unassuming satisfied fulfilled content ambitious falling star bolide comet meteorite meteoroid shooting star explosive shell missile pineapple grenade doer pistol dynamo hustler live wire spark plug workhorse sharpy self-starter beaver active person ambitious person busy bee busy person hot shot generator mover and shaker whiz kid achiever bundle of energy energetic person hard worker risk-taker aholic fireball Fireball! circumstance episode event fact matter scene adventure happening milestone occasion trip chance contingency emprise endangerment enterprise experience exploit feat hazard incident jeopardy occurrence peril speculation undertaking venture truth surety certainty assurance plan stillness passiveness latency inertia inactivity inaction avoidance reality protection abstention safety adventures affair assignment avocation calling case concern duty employment hap interest job mission obligation occupation office function proceeding profession project province pursuit question realm responsibility subject task thing topic transaction irresponsibility surrender hobby fun entertainment affairs akin affiliated agnate alike allied analogous cognated comparable connate consonant corresponding kindred like parallel similar unconnected unalike unrelated disconnected alien unlike dissimilar associated bound cognate combined confederate connected in league joined joint linked married related unified wed estranged disunited uncombined single unfriendly Incident
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