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pestilent amusement chuckle giggle glee guffaw hilarity laugh mirth roar shout shriek snicker cachinnation cackle chortle crow crowing fit howling merriment peal rejoicing roaring snigger snort titter chortling chuckling giggling guffawing har-de-har tee-hee yuck crying sadness unhappiness despair gloom action ball beguilement cheer delight diversion enjoyment entertainment field day fun fun and games gladdening gratification grins high time hoopla laughs laughter merry-go-round picnic play pleasing pleasure regalement whoopee melancholy misery pain sorrow trouble depression drudgery work boredom belly laugh derision contempt contumely disdain disparagement disrespect jeering mockery raillery ridicule satire scoffing scorn sneering admiration approval flattery love praise respect compliment adulation commendation absurdity big-time blast buffoonery celebration clowning distraction escapade festivity foolery frolic gaiety gambol game good time high jinks holiday horseplay jesting 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