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To Catch A Monster - Joel Haver




Joel Haver Cherdleys cer spence Tom Goulet Dracula To Catch a Predator hook snap bolt buckle clamp clasp clip hasp latch hook and eye key snag conundrum deception decoy drawback hitch joke puzzle puzzler trap Catch-22 fly in the ointment stumbling block arrest capture grab pick seize snare take bag bust claw clench clutch collar cop corral entangle entrap glom glove grasp grip lasso nab nail net pluck prehend secure snatch get one's fingers on lay hold of pounce on take hold of free let go liberate lose offer reject release loose loosen unfasten let off detect spot descry encounter expose surprise unmask hit upon meet with take unawares turn up overlook misplace miss misunderstand get develop incur receive sicken become infected with break out with come down with fall ill with fall victim to succumb to suffer from go after make overtake pass reach board jump overhaul ram climb on come upon cotch hop on run down fall behind leave apprehend follow see accept comprehend discern feel perceive recognize sense understand take in disbelieve misinterpret mistake acquire access achieve amass annex attain bring in buy catch collect earn gain gather get hands on get hold of have land latch onto lock up pick up procure promote rack up scare up take possession of wangle win disperse divide fail forfeit give scatter spend throw away give up forgo relinquish surrender yield anchor attach berth dock drop fasten fix imbed make port moor plant stay tie tie up detach disconnect anchoring attaching berthing catching docking dropping fastening fixing imbedding making port mooring planting securing staying tying tying up let going losing unfastening loosing disconnecting detaching loosening absorb appreciate believe conceive digest fathom get the picture imagine know read realize think disregard exclude forget ignore neglect engage engross fascinate eject repel activate encourage attend be associated with be connected with bear issue from make the scene occur with result from be lazy behemoth freak giant whale beast brute centaur colossus leviathan mammoth monstrosity mutant phoenix lusus naturae angel god demon devil fiend Frankenstein ogre titan werewolf Bunyanesque brobdingnagian colossal elephantine enormous gargantuan gigantesque gigantic ginormous great herculean huge hulking humongous humungous immense jumbo large massive monster monstrous monumental mountainous prodigious pythonic sizable stupendous titanic tremendous vast Goliath Hercules bulk cyclops elephant hulk mountain polypheme whopper archfiend evil spirit ghoul astronomical astronomic considerable epic mega sizeable very big very large whopping insignificant little small teeny tiny unimportant barbarian bigot boor clod hooligan hun ignoramus lout philistine rascal ruffian troglodyte vandal humanitarian sophisticate Monster Joel haver havering Havering CER cer Cer-riste! Spence spence kitten kitty tabby mouser pussycat tomcat grimalkin malkin cat cheetah civet jaguar leopard lion lynx puma tiger wildcat feline tom cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms Tom Goulet goulet goulet! Dirty goulet Dracula to catch a predator Catch a Predator To Catch a Predator To catch A predator carnivore animal of prey beast of prey meat-eater bird of prey predator raptor raptorial bird
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