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Two cats and one common enemy



My two cats Santi and Indy don't get along very well but whenever a possible thread emerges at home, they unite together against the common enemy. In this case, the enemy is a robot vacuum cleaner! Will they fight with the cleaning robot? Or will they... My two cats Santi and Indy don't get along very well but whenever a possible thread emerges at home, they unite together against the common enemy. In this case, the enemy is a robot vacuum cleaner! Will they fight with the cleaning robot? Or will they become friends? Enjoy the video!P.S. Santi is my 8-year-old cat (Best known for his clever maneuver against Walter in "How my cat outsmarted my dog" video) and Indy is the kitten I adopted 10 months ago (You might remember him from the "Kitten becomes so playful after his eyes are treated" video. He is almost 1-year-old now).[ My contact email address: [email protected] ]


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