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[UK] Minicab driver uses phone with arm through steering wheel



#cycling #minicab #mobilephone #tfl I reported this to the Met Police, nothing, nada, not a single action from them on this. Can you believe it? From a recent trend I'm presuming because my video footage doesn't clearly show the phone. And that is an... #cycling #minicab #mobilephone #tfl I reported this to the Met Police, nothing, nada, not a single action from them on this. Can you believe it? From a recent trend I'm presuming because my video footage doesn't clearly show the phone. And that is an issue for them when taking it to the CPS to go for a prosecution.However, what it does clearly show is the drivers arm, for long periods of time, through the steering wheel. This has to be an offence, but apparently not to them.So we have two problems here. I believe the driver is not paying enough attention to what is going on in front of them because he is using his phone. And he doesn't have proper control of his vehicle. If someone runs out in front of him, he a. isn't going to see them b. isn't going to be able to steer to the right quickly to avoid a collision.


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