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Women gets upset for being called out on her racism to fast food workers



I called an order in to American Deli in Marietta and went straight to the counter to ask about my order. The cashier said it’s not ready yet. While I was waiting on my food, I overheard this lady saying something along the lines of “Chinese this... I called an order in to American Deli in Marietta and went straight to the counter to ask about my order. The cashier said it’s not ready yet. While I was waiting on my food, I overheard this lady saying something along the lines of “Chinese this and that” and they need go back to their country. She was on the phone with someone while they were remaking her food. I didn't know what happened before but the staff wasn't saying anything while she was saying the racist things. I also overhead her say, “all these damn businesses be owned by stupid Chinese.” This isn’t the first time I’ve overheard someone at a small Asian owned business saying something similar. I didn’t care so much that she got their ethnicity wrong but it was just that she was obviously trying to offend them and talk negatively about Asian people. Its one thing to assume that anyone who looks Asian is Chinese but using it in such a negative connotation is what got me triggered. Immediately after overhearing her, I spoke up and said, “Chinese what?”. She says, “these idiots messed up my order blah blah blah.” I said, “so why do you have to bring race into it? That’s not cool.” She says, “ I don’t care what you think and starts to call me names.” It’s clear she was trying to instigate and sad to say was successful in getting under my skin, so then I started to reciprocate calling her names. I thought it was funny how she told me to go back to my country. I said, "are you Native American?". If not, your family immigrated here too." After a few minutes of going back and forth and both of us had calmed down a bit, it just occurred to me that I should record her in case she said anything else that was racist. I may have called her names like “bitch, motherfucker, etc. but not once did I say anything racist because that's not what I stand for even though she continued to call me Chinese this and that and all kinds of racist names (I'm not even Chinese and neither are the workers but apparently anyone who looks Asian is Chinese). The lady’s husband was much calmer than her and he was sitting down for half the altercation with a FML look on his face, but as it started to get more intense (called her a hoe), he stands up and makes it seem like he’s going to come at me but he’s just kind of pacing back and forth standing in between us and just kinda hangs out at the counter. I knew he wasn’t going to do anything with how slowly he was moving but part of me wished he would’ve so I could let out my anger. I knew if his wife hit me and I retaliated, I would’ve gotten charged because there’s always a double standard in those type of situations. You can see the husband trying to grab the phone out of my hand towards the end of the video because he was clearly embarrassed for his wife. I wish I started recording earlier because 80% of the interaction was probably missed and her racism was even more blatant. Towards the end of our encounter she says something along the lines, “oh you wanna play? Cuz I’m ready to go” and reaches into her purse acting like she’s going to pull a gun out but then I call her bluff and she then proceeds with her verbal diarrhea. A few orders were ready and they were all placed on the counter. She was like “where’s my food?!” and starts opening up all the boxes and then the cashier says, “ what are you doing? That’s not your food.” She then says, “ ok where’s my damn food then!” (While all this is going on we’re still going at it insulting each other lol) and then the cashier says "whats your problem crazy lady?!" (something like that, can't remember exactly) and the lady picks up the red cup on the counter and slams it on the ground shattering it all over the floor and then walks out. The owner then proceeds to call the cops. The husband asks how much is this cup and offers to pay for it to hopefully stop the owner from calling the cops. I went out there to take a picture of her license plate. Her husband walks out with the food and hops in. She rolls her window down and yells, “stupid bitch!” LOL man I feel sorry for her husband. I texted the owner the pictures and video so he could show the cops. I asked the cashier what happened before I got there and apparently the lady ordered a Philly Cheesesteak AS IS without giving any special instructions and when it came out she noticed there were peppers on there. She said no, you need to make me a new one. The owner said you should’ve told me before we made it. She then asked for a refund and he said we can’t give refunds. Apparently he gave in and decided to make her a new Cheesesteak but while he was making it, she was on the phone calling them names even though he was taking a hit and losing money on her order. What would you do in this situation? She was saying, "I wasn't even talking to you", but how would she have felt if the roles were reversed and the people behind the counter were black and I was calling them racist names? Would she have just stood there? Most definitely not.


#racist #crazylady #equality #hypocrite #triggered #racism
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