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Zaltair Computer Joke by Steve Wozniak - KK4WW




according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which at which point in what respect where cause motive mystery proof wherein why H.O.W. 'how' How HOW what when hot mom milf woman older fat cow heffer howw hoow hell hooww howe church temple synagogue mosque house of worship Smallville smallville superman clark kent red blue blur kal-el superboy cool exciting repetitiv classic perv - atractor clark lana 2001 celebrity favorite hero idol name superstar draw headliner lead luminary starlet leading role topliner commoner Moirai break chance circumstance consequence cup destination destiny divine will doom effect end ending fortune future handwriting on the wall horoscope inescapableness issue karma kismet lot luck nemesis outcome portion predestination providence stars termination upshot wheel of fortune destine foreordain predestine predetermine preordain predestinate fate opening start origin cause beginning whole misfortune source commencement join predestined star 'star Star starr moon comet starre estrella barstar littlestar shiningstar youtubestar indie pop rock indie music music canadian dude buddy man jamaican rasta fusion thermonuclear reaction explode elements hydrogen accept acquire admit bear carry enjoy gain get hold include keep obtain own pick up possess receive retain take annex compass corner hog land occupy procure secure chalk up get hands on get hold of have in hand latch on to lock up sit on take in teem with abandon avoid deny disallow dispossess dispute dodge drop exclude fail forfeit forsake free give lack let go lose miss misunderstand need neglect offer pass refuse reject release spend stop surrender throw away yield kill want undergo consider feel experience leave see know allow permit become suffer let tolerate sustain entertain must be compelled to be forced to be up to fall on meet with ought put up with rest with should think about halt forget ignore involve subsume embrace embody encompass comprehend comprise fix fool outsmart outfox outwit undo dupe overreach outmaneuver deceive swindle buy off tamper with deliver beget bring forth give birth has H.A.S. HAS ha's have had has had would have tard ass stamp slap hand bradley schlub hookah attack haz verb haha laugh lol omg funny kopacek gtfo dtf hype excited dope thrilled shit today directly forthwith immediately instantly nowadays straightaway PDQ any more at once at the moment at this moment at this time away first off here and now in a minute in a moment in nothing flat instanter just now like now momentarily on the double promptly pronto right away right now soon these days this day eventually later future past as of now at present before before now but now by now by that time by the time mentioned by then by this time earlier even now formerly heretofore in the past now once previously then up to now as long as being cause considering for for the reason that inasmuch as seeing that since whereas all in all all things considered because everything being equal forasmuch as in consideration of in light of in view of insomuch as pending seeing taking into account abreast au courant contempo current existent extant hot off press in fashion in vogue instant just out latest leading-edge mod new newfangled present present-day recent red-hot state-of-the-art topical ultramodern up-to-date up-to-the-minute voguish with it à la mode accepted accustomed afoot circulating common knowledge customary cutting-edge doing fad fashionable general going around hot in circulation in progress in the mainstream in the news in use modern on front burner ongoing popular prevailing prevalent rampant regnant rife ruling swinging trendy widespread all the rage chic faddy in style stylish presently already contemporary succeeding old preceding old-fashioned uncommon antiquated du jour NOW no w Now idiots bigots feminazi hatred morons beginning rest life five tags synonyms: assholes sexists dipshits clitler no u no you you no yew never said when CPU abacus analog brain calculator clone laptop mac mainframe microcomputer mini minicomputer adding machine artificial intelligence data processor digital electronic brain micro number cruncher personal computer thinking machine computer electronic calculator pocket calculator totaliser totalizer PDA central processing unit computer unit disk drive floppy disk hard drive hardware magnetic disk microelectronics device modem output device supercomputer tape drive apparatus appliance automaton automobile contraption contrivance engine gadget implement instrument mechanism motor robot thingamabob tool vehicle widget account add add up aggregate amount come count heads count noses count off enumerate estimate figure in figure out include keep tabs numerate reckon run run down run into run to sum take account of tale tally tell tick off total tote tote up computer hardware machine end number guess subtract numbers Computer Computers computers window monitor video games porn myspace music linux windows microsoft free bsd gentoo solaris antic farce gag humor laugh one-liner parody prank pun stunt trick wisecrack buffoonery burlesque caper caprice chestnut drollery epigram escapade frolic gambol game ha-ha hoodwinking horseplay jape jest lark mischief mummery payoff play pleasantry put-on quirk raillery repartee revel rib sally saw shenanigan sport spree tomfoolery vagary whimsy witticism yarn bon mot monkeyshine shaggy-dog story snow job seriousness tragedy work distraction diversion entertainment hobby interest joke recreation dido romp chaff deride fool fun jeer jive josh kid make fun of mock rag razz ridicule satirize taunt chump clay pigeon derision dupe easy mark fall guy goat jestee laughingstock mark patsy pigeon sap setup sitting duck softie subject sucker target turkey victim jackass mockery clown buffoon butt simpleton praise flattery banter quip jolly roast needle spoof deceive horse around kid around put on make merry play the clown play tricks poke fun flatter compliment amusement profession boredom vocation antics bantering Joke camel elephant breats back street hilarious funny roflmao wetback masturbate blind funniest known man haha comical Steve steve loyalty honor strength best friend dignity devotion amazing cute sweet talented king of games baby love dreams the one heart nice guy shy caring kind awesome aussie name power Wozniak woznak woznaik woz awesome talented wozniak best neato crap conrad
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