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Australia's Adoption Shame (2013) [00:26:23]




acceptance approval enactment endorsement maintenance ratification approbation appropriation assumption choice confirmation embracement embracing espousal following selection support taking on taking over taking up disapproval opposition refusal rejection pass repudiation fostering fosterage raising adopting naturalizing taking in accedence accession acknowledgment acquiescence admission adoption affirmation agreement assent concession concurrence favor recognition seal of approval disagreement disbelief dissent denial adaptation adjustment alteration conversion modification refitting remodeling reworking shift transformation variation adaptations accepting acquisition arrogation assuming grab seizure shouldering takeover taking undertaking usurpation unexpected realness reality naturalness genuineness doubt assumptions employment appliance application disposition exercise exercising exertion exploitation handling operation play purpose usage usance use utilization unemployment mismanagement misuse inactivity idleness Adoption bonerjams confusion contempt guilt humiliation irritation remorse scandal stigma abashment blot chagrin compunction contrition degradation derision discomposure discredit disesteem dishonor disrepute ignominy infamy mortification obloquy odium opprobrium pang reproach self-disgust self-reproach self-reproof shamefacedness smear stupefaction treachery bad conscience ill repute loss of face pudency skeleton in the cupboard approval esteem honor meanness praise respect pride debase ridicule mortify humiliate defile humble disconcert confound abash degrade stain take down cut down to size give a black eye shoot down take down a peg regard be proud promote credit flatter elevate clean upgrade laud abase belittle demean diminish disgrace lower reduce shame extend expand value raise extol exalt dignify cherish improve enhance grow build up compliment increase abasement downgrade elevation discomfiture distress pleasure happiness abomination anathema aversion bother curse detestation evil horror nuisance plague torment right benefit enjoyment blessing beauty love treat joy delight attaint black eye black mark blemish spot taint tarnish bad name bad odor embarrassment smirch Shame bonerjams
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