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CIA advert panders to woke millennials




CIA Mutual cia attend consider notice observe disregard forget ignore miss neglect overlook allude advert bring up imply insinuate intimate point refer suggest advance allude to broach discuss introduce moot move offer point out propose put forward raise raise a subject submit tender touch on ventilate close finish brings up brought up mention acknowledge acquaint adduce call attention to cite communicate declare designate detail disclose divulge enumerate hint at impart infer instance make known name notify point to quote recount remark report reveal speak about speak of specify state tell throw out keep hold back disavow suppress withhold hide conceal mentions Mutual Advert cajole gratify massage please satisfy snow soap stroke brownnose fall all over lay it on play the game play up to politic soften up suck up to anger annoy disappoint disturb frustrate upset deny dissatisfy refuse fawn abase apple-polish be at beck and call be obsequious be servile blandish bow buddy up butter up cater to cave in to cotton court cower crawl creep cringe crouch curry favor debase defer fall on one's knees flatter grovel honey up invite jolly kneel kowtow lick boots make up to oil pander pay court scrape slaver stoop submit toady truckle woo yield fight force reject ignore honor fawned indulge allow baby cater coddle cosset delight entertain favor foster give in give rein to go along go easy on humor mollycoddle nourish oblige pamper pet regale satiate spoil spoil rotten take care of tickle not use moderate hurt depress neglect abstain distress disapprove disallow pain deprive indulged indulging cave in fold genuflect go along with knuckle under lie down and roll over prostrate say uncle toe the mark straighten Mutual Panders Pander arise awake awaken be roused bestir bring to life call come to get out of bed get up nudge open one's eyes prod rise rise and shine roll out rouse shake stir stretch tumble out turn out wake up discourage dissuade nap sleep activate animate arouse challenge enliven fire freshen galvanize grasp kindle notice pep up provoke quicken rally renew see understand whet fire up jazz up key up steam up stir up switch on zip up woke Mutual Woke chiliad millenary millennium millennial thousand Millennial Mutual millennials
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