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Prepare to drop




Fish Apex Legends NPR arrange assemble brace develop draw up equip form formulate gird make plan produce provide qualify ready strengthen supply train adapt adjust anticipate appoint coach concoct construct contrive cook dispose endow fabricate fashion fit fix fortify furnish groom outfit perfect practice prime settle steel build up fill in fit out lay the groundwork make provision make up put in order put together smooth the way turn out warm up destroy discourage disperse dissuade forget halt hurt let go neglect ruin scatter stop take weaken break confuse demolish disarrange disorder disorganize disturb ignore unfit unsettle upset wreck acclimate accommodate accustom alter change come around comply conform familiarize get act together get used to grow used to habituate harmonize match modify play the game prepare readjust reconcile remodel revise roll with punches shape shape up square suit tailor disagree dislocate reject refuse adapting acclimating accommodating accustoming altering changing coming around complying conforming familiarizing fashioning fitting get using to getting acting together grow using to habituating harmonizing making matching modifying playing the game preparing qualifying readjusting reconciling remodeling revising rolling with punches shaping shaping up squaring suiting tailoring unfitting disturbing disagreeing neglecting disordering dislocating disarranging rejecting refusing advise admonish advocate caution charge commend counsel direct encourage enjoin exhort forewarn give a pointer give a tip guide instruct kibitz level with move opine point out preach prescribe prompt put bug in ear put in two cents recommend steer suggest tout update urge warn keep secret keep quiet pretend lie betray trick fool delude deceive disapprove advises admonishes advocates cautions charges commends counsels directs dissuades encourages enjoins exhorts forewarns gives a pointer gives a tip guides instructs kibitzes levels with moves opines points out preaches prepares prescribes prompts puts bug in ear puts in two cents recommends steers suggests touts updates urges warns keeps mum keeps secret keeps quiet pretends lies betrays stops neglects discourages tricks fools deludes deceives disapproves advising admonishing advocating cautioning charging commending counseling directing dissuading encouraging enjoining exhorting forewarning giving a pointer giving a tip guiding instructing kibitzing leveling with moving opining pointing out preaching prescribing prompting putting bug in ear putting in two cents recommending steering suggesting touting updating urging warning keeping mum keeping secret keeping quiet pretending lying betraying stopping discouraging tricking fooling deluding deceiving disapproving arm accouter array deck equalize gear guard heel heel up issue load load up lug iron make ready mobilize pack pack a rod protect rig rod up tote disarm keep unclothe injure Be reet bead bit bubble crumb dab dash dewdrop driblet drip droplet iota molecule morsel nip ounce particle pearl pinch sip smidgen speck splash spot taste tear teardrop trace trickle glob lot incline increase mound mountain rise tumble plunge dip fall slope abyss descent declivity precipice depth chasm deepness ascent decline cut slump slide reduction deterioration downturn lowering downfall upset lapse sag slip landslide precipitation downswing downslide downtrend fall-off perfection success improvement betterment drain distill snow seep leak hail bleed descend percolate precipitate dribble emanate ooze trill pursue continue mount downpour take up ascend pour shoot lower collapse dump dive shed abandon plummet go down knock release fell sink duck relinquish loosen topple unload flop floor pitch depress ground plump bring down keel over give up cave in nose-dive maintain keep hold build raise go up praise compliment end stop leave lose cancel repudiate scratch forfeit terminate abort cease shake ditch quit renounce divorce reject forsake jilt scrub separate sacrifice dismiss discontinue resign interrupt disown desert remit kick break with call off cast off eighty-six throw over wipe out write off adios be alienated from dust off forget about have done with part from part with wash out waste one accept stay initiate approve allow start begin marry set up schedule Dove belly flop disappear drop go headfirst gutter header jump leap lunge plumb spring submerge swoop vanish vault arrive appear face abdicate back out bail out bow out chicken out cop out cut loose discard drop out dust flake out fly the coop give up the ship kiss goodbye leg it let go opt out pull out run out on screw ship out storm out surrender take a powder take a walk vacate walk out on wash hands of withdraw yield favor adopt support retain defend advance come uphold assert cherish persevere remain abandoning abdicating bailing out bowing out chickening out copping out cutting loose deserting discarding discontinuing ditching dropping dropping out ducking dumping dusting flaking out flying the coop giving up the ship kissing goodbye leaving legging it let going opting out pulling out quitting running out on screwing shipping out stopping storming out surrendering taking a powder taking a walk throwing over vacating walking out on washing hands of withdrawing yielding favoring adopting supporting retaining pursuing defending allowing going advancing maintaining keeping holding starting beginning continuing staying coming upholding asserting cherishing persevering remaining abjure abnegate bag it cede demit forgo leave high and dry leave holding the bag leave in the lurch quitclaim retire sell out step down waive assume win fight usurp treasure defy claim challenge arrest break off call it quits check cut off fail halt knock it off lay off nullify scrap anchor attach berth catch dock fasten fix imbed make port moor plant secure tie tie up unfasten loose disconnect detach Be reet Drop angle bait bob cast chum extract extricate find net produce seine trawl troll bait the hook cast one's hook cast one's net go fishing haul out pull out beginner abecedarian amateur apprentice buckwheater catechumen colt fish fledgling greenhorn greenie initiate learner neophyte new kid on the block new person newcomer novice novitiate probationer recruit starter student tenderfoot trainee tyro veteran old hand expert professional teacher beginners abecedarians amateurs apprentices buckwheaters catechumens colts fishes fledglings greenhorns greenies initiates learners neophytes new kid on the blocks new persons newcomers novices novitiates probationers recruits starters students tenderfoots trainees tyros veterans old hands experts professionals teachers dupe butt chump easy mark fool mark patsy pigeon pushover sap sitting duck sucker victim cognizant fillet band bandeau chaplet crown garland headband listel meat molding ribbon ridge slice snood strip tape wreath game chase fowl kill prey quarry ravin wild animals games adventures amusements athletics businesses distractions diversions enterprises festivities frolics fun jests jokes larks lines merriment merrymaking occupations pastimes plans plays proceedings pursuits recreations romps schemes sports undertakings professions works surrenders entertainments tasks passivenesses inactivities Be reet Fish f.i.s.h. Apex Legends Be reet apex legends apogee culmination pinnacle acme climax crest crown cusp height max maximum meridian peak point roof spire sublimity summit tip tops vertex zenith greatest most ne plus ultra up there base bottom nadir acumination acicula apex mucro mucronation sharp point spike tapering point altitude distance elevation eminence loftiness depth ascendancy capsheaf capstone climacteric crowning point extremity head high spot highlight intensification limit orgasm payoff pitch tiptop top turning point utmost foot cliffhanger anticlimax crescendo ascension building climb critical mass escalation rise surge upsurge decline fastigium noon ridge Apex Be reet APEX fable fiction folklore lore myth mythology tale tradition narrative saga folk story folk tale mythos non-fiction truth inscription head code underline device cipher rubric key table motto heading epitaph epigraph legend Be reet Legend NPR Be reet npr
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