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Torta de Chocolate Vegano | sin huevos y sin leche | Daniela Gómez Bakery




Torta Peccadilloes torta amber bay beige bister brick bronze buff chestnut cinnamon cocoa coffee copper drab dust ecru fawn ginger hazel henna khaki mahogany nut ochre puce russet rust sepia sorrel tan toast umber auburn burnt sienna snuff-colored tawny terra-cotta brown dessert confection snack candy bonbon confectionery enjoyment joy delight pudding gratification pleasure confiture sweetmeat sugarplum final course trouble pain disappointment unhappiness misery melancholy sadness woe sorrow dissatisfaction sweet chocolate Chocolate Peccadilloes crime error evil fault guilt immorality lust misdeed offense shortcoming transgression violation wrong wrongdoing anger covetousness damnation debt deficiency demerit disobedience envy gluttony imperfection iniquity peccadillo pride sinfulness sloth tort trespass ungodliness unrighteousness vice wickedness wrongness evil-doing peccability peccancy veniality advantage good good deed goodness kindness obedience right virtue perfection behavior morality err stray cheat lapse backslide deviate misbehave fall offend misconduct wander fall from grace transgress break commandment break law commit crime do wrong go astray live in sin sow wild oats take the primrose path wallow in the mire behave stay comply obey abuse corruption debasement delinquency desecration exploitation injustice misapplication mishandling mismanage misuse perversion prostitution sin approval respect help praise plaudit commendation adulation acclamation preservation aid apostatize relapse revert slip progress commit accomplish achieve act carry out complete contravene effectuate enact execute go for broke go in for go out for perpetrate pull pull off scandalize violate wreak keep from keep rest end give up stop leave neglect miss idle fail wait loaf desist cease compliment abstain committing defect birthmark blot blotch break bug catch check crack deformity discoloration drawback failing flaw foible frailty gap glitch gremlin hole infirmity injury irregularity kink knot lack mark marring mistake patch rift rough spot scar scarcity scratch seam second shortage speck spot stain taint unsoundness want weak point weakness closure line truth correction certainty strength correctness blessing benefit improvement cleanliness boon clarity blank accuracy success sufficiency strong point plenty enough abundance defects Sin Peccadilloes S.I.N.S huevos Peccadilloes huevo HUEVOS Huevos leche Peccadilloes Le-Ché Daniela Peccadilloes Gomez Peccadilloes gomez confectionery bake shop pastry shop pâtisserie bakery ice-cream parlor Peccadilloes Bakery
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