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Wishman (1983), a creepy ET ripoff starring Linda Hamilton




awful disgusting disturbing eerie frightening ghoulish macabre menacing ominous sinister terrifying weird direful dreadful gruesome hair-raising horrible itching itchy nightmarish shuddersome threatening unpleasant normal pleasing good nice pleasant abominable beastly cloying creepy detestable distasteful foul frightful ghastly grody gross hateful hideous horrid horrific icky loathsome lousy monstrous nasty nauseating nerdy noisome objectionable obnoxious odious offensive outrageous repellent repugnant revolting rotten satiating scandalous scuzzy shameless shocking sleazeball sleazy stinking vile vulgar yecchy yucky clean likeable great decent agreeable desirous attractive beautiful friendly moral wonderful magnificent delightful lovable polite kind aggravating agitating alarming annoying bothersome burdensome consequential depressing difficult disagreeable discomforting discommoding disconcerting discouraging dismaying distressing embarrassing foreboding gloomy harassing hard impeding inconvenient irksome irritating laborious onerous painful perplexing perturbing pessimistic prophetic provoking severe startling tiresome toilsome troublesome troubling trying uncertain unsettling upsetting vexing wearisome worrisome worrying happy easy encouraging auspicious comforting helpful dread awe-inspiring dire terrible welcomed appalling atrocious bad fearful formidable frozen godawful grievous grim horrendous mean shameful spooky terrific tragic tremendous wicked undecayed small little reputable advantageous honest unimportant tiny inoffensive awesome bizarre crawly fantastic ghostly mysterious scary spectral strange supernatural superstitious uncanny unearthly ordinary funny natural earthly regular plain familiar common silly usual astounding baleful bloodcurdling grisly lurid morbid overwhelming redoubtable sublime unspeakable unfearful bold unafraid courageous brave Creepy bonerjams swindle cheat con exploitation fraud gyp larceny lift pinch racket steal stealing theft thievery thieving honesty gift giving offering rip-off deception blackmail hoax deceit shakedown extortion sham double-dealing cheating sting flimflam hustle con game dirty pool double-cross shell game snow job hosing crooked deal fast one shady deal sucker game truth openness uprightness truthfulness frankness scam sell imposition trickery imposture trick fake frame-up knavery double cross fast shuffle sharp practice forthrightness donation benevolence reality vandalism piracy heist holdup crime embezzlement robbery burglary break-in snitch touch caper rapacity score stickup pillage snatch plunder job appropriation pilferage annexation fleece deprivation grab filch shoplifting mugging looting peculation defrauding pilfering robbing swindling return lot bestowal skin game Ponzi bait-and-switch boiler room bunco game bunko con job confidence trick confidence game bill of goods flattery smoke and mirrors soft sell soft soap song and dance conning the business bull line number story elaborate explanation jive gouge armed robbery banditry highway robbery chicanery frame fix baloney dodge plant whitewash jazz wrong stunt spoof humbug artifice put-on hanky-panky bunco cozening bamboozlement cover up dirty trick run around peace victimization grift breaking and entering five-finger discount ripoff bonerjams rip off Rip-off displaying headlining highlighting presenting promoting pushing recommending showing turning calling attention to drawing attention to giving center stage to making much of pointing up showing off turning the spotlight on featuring trim sprinkle star light decorate stud garnish dot adorn sequin hurt bespangle glisten twinkle gleam flash ornament sparkle coruscate glimmer glitter dull spangle perform portray play enact represent feign rehearse ham personify characterize dramatize pretend stooge mug strut emote burlesque mimic mime simulate impersonate parody go on go over ham it up tread the boards personate be on bring down the house do a turn lay an egg make debut play act play gig play part play role put it over take part say one's piece idle halt give up direct stop fail refrain hesitate discontinue cease abstain prevent act play-act headline mark emphasize advertise promote spotlight present stress accentuate blaze underscore underline italicize play up call attention to make conspicuous point up set off ignore disregard feature starring bonerjams Starring linda bonerjams Linda Hamilton bonerjams hamilton
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